Stress: what it is & how it might be affecting your menstrual cycle


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Many women feel way too stressed these days. But not many know how this might be affecting their menstruation, and what they can do to deal with their stress and improve their menstrual health. Today I will speak about what stress is, how it affects our menstruation and how we can deal with it.

Stress is the biological response to being in a life or death situation. We use stress as a way to survive to something that our system interprets as dangerous. And, although nowadays most human beings almost never experience life or death situations, when we are under stressors our system interprets that we are fighting to survive.

Stress during a short period of time can be really helpful as it enables us to have a fast reaction in situations where it is needed. The problem comes when we are exposed to it over a long period of time and we suppress it. Our system begins to be overloaded and we develop what is called chronic stress.

When you experience it, you feel in a constant state of alertness, unable to relax. You might experience that there is way too much noise inside your head and you cannot properly listen.

Despite how little we have learned about how the menstrual cycle works, we know even less about what can help us to have a healthy one.

Stress has a huge impact on our period health and that is why I want to share with you three keys to dealing with your stress and improving your period health.


Our menstrual cycle has been called our 5th vital sign, meaning that it can tell us very important information about the functioning of our overall health.

In our bleeding time or menstruation phase, our hormones are at their lowest levels. It’s a time for properly resting and restoring our bodies. If we don’t give ourselves this needed time we will be exhausted the entire month. It can be also the cause of PMS or period pain.

I want to invite you to take as much resting time as possible during the two first days of your bleeding time. Avoid to take any extra meetings or dates with your friends, and instead give yourself time to be with yourself and sleep more.


How we start the day affects directly how we feel throughout the rest of the day. When you, for example, begin the day by checking your emails or your Instagram you are stressing yourself first thing of the day. Not the best idea.

Set up a morning routine for yourself that helps you be aware when you are stressed and find the practices to deal with it. Meditation, breathing and moving my body are my favorite practices but each of us is different. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to experiment by yourself with what might help you.


I am a big believer in the power of acknowledging what is happening inside of us as the first step to beginning to heal it.

We tend to think that work is the only source of stress but there are usually many layers below what might seem to be the reason for our stress. Among others, it can be worry, anxiety, frustration, rage, self-criticism or fear.

Give yourself space to find it out and begin to work through it.

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The erotic act of kissing

Imagine this. It is sunny, you feel the warmth of the sun in your naked legs. You look to the eyes of your lover and slowly put your lips closer to his/her lips, feeling the breath of each other. You touch his thigh slowly from lower to the upper side, and then you begin to play with your lips and his/her lips. You press your chest closer to his chest and your bodies get hot. Your lips become wet and your tongues begin to play together, finding their language, their rhythm.

We used to expend hours in a situation like the one I describe above when we were teenagers. Just kissing. Then we became adults and many of us forgot about the power that something as simple as a kiss can have to turn us on.

When a relationship starts to go sour, couples usually stop kissing on the lips before they stop having intercourse. I fnd this fact fascinating.

First of all, many people tend to see sex as only the intercourse moment, but sex can be much more than just that. Another misunderstanding is that we need to learn complex skills to have a good sex life. Don’t get me wrong, new skills are always great but in my experience, that is not what will your sex life delicious.

In my experience, good sex life comes from the ability of creating intimacy with your partner and from going back to the basis. Going back to get excited about a kiss, about having the body of lover close to you, without expecting anything else.

Next time that you see your lover take your time to discover his/her lips, to touch consciously his/ her body, to play & find how the body of your lover reacts.

And then ask your lover to kiss you the way he or she likes to be kissed. It’s pure magic. Just sit back let him or her take over and enjoy. You’ll learn all kind of things.

Lots of love,