4 Week Online course: Discover the Power of your Menstrual Cycle


In this 4-week online course, you will learn how to stop to fight against your body and instead support it by connecting with your menstrual cycle. By doing so, you will learn to listen to your body, listen to your desires, and respect your rhythm.

You will experience how it is to live a cyclical life for one month. Each week will be dedicated to one of the phases of the period so you can fully experience each of them and understand how to support them. The information you will receive will be adapted to in which week of the period you are.

This online course is the result of my journey to healing my menstrual cycle, and I will share with you all I have learned in a one month experience. Connect with your menstruation will lead you through one of the most crucial self-discovery journeys.

Begin this new year by connecting with your menstrual cycle. It will transform your life; it is the best self-care gift you can give to yourself.