3 Week Women’s Sexuality Online course


This 3-week online course has been created to give you the opportunity to, from the comfort and privacy of your home, experience how to bring into your life the sex life you wish to have.

We will each week work with different themes that take part in how each of us experience sexuality. This course deeply personified and seeks to give you the space to find what you need and how you can create it. All together with the support of myself and other women who are going to the same transformation journey

It will be a full experience journey to connect with our bodies, feel with our senses how to bring pleasure & sensuality to your life, to have the flow of sexual energy running through our bodies, learn how we create intimacy with our lovers, speak & listen other women share how we have experienced our sexuality throughout our life and learn practical tools that you can apply to your life.

Begin this new year by healing your sexuality. It’s a deep transformation journey that will change forever how you interact with yourself, with your lovers, and with the world.