Period pain: what it’s behind it and
what we can do to heal it


Art by Tina Maria Elena.

The number of stories of women who have suffered from period pain or still suffer from it is sadly long. This is showing us a bigger picture of how we are treating our bodies and living our lives.

Do you know in which day of your period you are? What feelings come to you when you think about your menstruation? How in tune with your period do you live your life?

Many women have never thought about these questions or don’t have an answer for them.

Let’s be honest, our menstruation hasn’t been painted as something beautiful that happens to us. Menstruation carries a big stigma, as something dirty which brings pain and makes us weaker. The repercussion of this is that many women completely ignore their period and see it as something inconvenient that gets in their way of doing what they want to do.

I thought exactly the same way for many years, I fell into that trap. Until I realized that the only moment in which I had to take medication, because of how strong the pain was, were the first days of my period.

At that moment I had been studying about how bodies function for some time and it didn’t make any sense to me that my body intrinsically had pain. From what I knew this pain had to be the result of something else I needed to change. There had to be a way to have a period without pain.

I went for an inquiry to understand why I had this pain and how I could heal it naturally. And this is what I discovered:

1) Syncing with your period is the best way to respect your body and be efficient at the same time.

I thought if I wanted to function as I wanted I needed to push against the limitations of my body. After all, this is what I learnt.

I didn’t know anything about how the period has 4 phases and how they affect me not only hormonally but also psychologically. I didn’t know how to live a life according to my cycle. I hadn’t heard about such a concept.

But there it was, when I began to listen to my body I realized that I was craving different food, my mood changed, my energy was different, and my challenges too. When I began to sync with the phases of my period and respect them I could feel what I needed in each of the weeks and my pain began to decrease and, in some months, even disappear.

Syncing with my period has been a big challenge and at the same time absolutely rewarding.

2) Taking time for doing nothing and proper rest is astonishingly healing.

When I began to read about the period I realized how most people agreed on how much we need to properly rest when we are in our bleeding time. And, also, I realized how few women were actually doing it consciously.

Instead, most women had to really lie down in that time but at the same time were upset about it or blaming themselves for having to do it. Or they were in bed and trying to do 100 things simultaneously.

Proper rest means for me to give ourselves time during the first days to really sleep and relax our bodies, actually dropping all to-dos and creating a beautiful cocoon for letting this to happen. We might think that’s impossible, but actually if we don’t rest, we will be in pain longer, and exhausted after the bleeding time.

I personally only take few clients during the first 3 days of my menstruation so I can rest, eat nurturing meals and meditate.

This deep rest lets our bodies restore when we are bleeding so whenever we come out of this time we can be full of energy.

3) Learn from your period.

As I wrote at the beginning, our period has 4 phases and each of them has different characteristics and different things to teach us.

Our bleeding time shows us the importance of resting. The follicular phase (1st phase after bleeding) teaches us playfulness and creativity. In the ovulation phase we often feel full of energy but we need to learn how to handle it in order not to come out completely exhausted. And, the luteal phase (pre-menstrual phase) gives us the challenge and the gift to see what it is not working in our life so we can begin to make the changes needed.

Each of us struggle with the characteristics of the phases in different ways. But our period gives us the opportunity to month after month begin again and learn how to be all of them.

Do you want to know about your period?

In future post I will be extensively write about each phase, stay tuned.

If you saw yourself in any of the situations I write about, but you don’t know how to work with it, and you want support along this journey, that’s exactly what I do. You can book my 1:1 online sessions  here.

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The erotic act of kissing

Imagine this. It is sunny, you feel the warmth of the sun in your naked legs. You look to the eyes of your lover and slowly put your lips closer to his/her lips, feeling the breath of each other. You touch his thigh slowly from lower to the upper side, and then you begin to play with your lips and his/her lips. You press your chest closer to his chest and your bodies get hot. Your lips become wet and your tongues begin to play together, finding their language, their rhythm.

We used to expend hours in a situation like the one I describe above when we were teenagers. Just kissing. Then we became adults and many of us forgot about the power that something as simple as a kiss can have to turn us on.

When a relationship starts to go sour, couples usually stop kissing on the lips before they stop having intercourse. I fnd this fact fascinating.

First of all, many people tend to see sex as only the intercourse moment, but sex can be much more than just that. Another misunderstanding is that we need to learn complex skills to have a good sex life. Don’t get me wrong, new skills are always great but in my experience, that is not what will your sex life delicious.

In my experience, good sex life comes from the ability of creating intimacy with your partner and from going back to the basis. Going back to get excited about a kiss, about having the body of lover close to you, without expecting anything else.

Next time that you see your lover take your time to discover his/her lips, to touch consciously his/ her body, to play & find how the body of your lover reacts.

And then ask your lover to kiss you the way he or she likes to be kissed. It’s pure magic. Just sit back let him or her take over and enjoy. You’ll learn all kind of things.

Lots of love,