3 Week Women’s Sexuality Online course

Date: From 2th of March until the 23th of March, Online.

Date: From the 2th of March until the 23th of March


Early ticket: 90 Euros. Until the 25th of January

General ticket: 100 Euros. From the 25th of January

Facilitator: Marina Ollero

We, women, need safe spaces where we can heal, explore, speak, and learn about our sexuality.

Those spaces are few in this world. You rarely have time and space to speak and learn about sexuality in a safe space with other women to heal the shame related to our sexuality and to learn new ways to create the sexuality you wish and deserve.

This 3 weeks online course has been created to give you the opportunity to, from the comfort and privacy of your home, experience how to bring into your life the sex life you wish to have.

We will each week work with different themes that take part in how each of us experience sexuality. This course deeply personified and seeks to give you the space to find what you need and how you can create it. All together with the support of myself and other women who are going to the same transformation journey

It will be a full experience journey to connect with our bodies, feel with our senses how to bring pleasure & sensuality to your life, to have the flow of sexual energy running through our bodies, learn how we create intimacy with our lovers, speak & listen other women share how we have experienced our sexuality throughout our life and learn practical tools that you can apply to your life.

Begin this new year by healing your sexuality. It's a deep transformation journey that will change forever how you interact with yourself, with your lovers, and with the world.

Workshop: discovering your own sexuality
Date: 10th November/ Berlin/ from 10:30-18:30


Date: 10th November

Price: 80 Euros

Workshop hours: from 10:30  until 18:30

Facilitator: Marina Ollero

Women need a safe space in which they can heal, explore, examine and learn about their sexuality.

Those spaces are few and far between in this world. It is rare that you have time and space to explore deeply your sexuality in a circle of other women, to bare the stories and shame that need baring, to release what needs releasing, to grow and let go of old stuff so you can move into a place of power.

The aim of this gathering is to explore the power of female sexuality.

We will sit together to give space to our sexuality and our pleasure, share our stories and reflections, learn from the stories of each other, and open our vulnerability so what is pulsating in our wombs can have space to express itself.

We will do several individual practices to learn how to heal from our sexuality, connect with our pleasure, relax our wombs and open up the traumas stored in our pelvis. As well as begin to discover how it feels the sexuality that comes from us, instead of the one that comes from an external force.

All the practices will be simple practices, open to people who are just beginning to deepen in this theme or who have never been in a workshop related with sexuality but are open to speak about it and learn more about it.

This will be a safe space and you are not obligated to do anything that you do not feel prepare to do.

All the practices will be with your clothes on, nakedness won't be a part of this course.